The NO EXCUSE Workout


The NO EXCUSE Workout
The NO EXCUSE Workout

10 Minute Full Body Workout

Muscle Group:

Full Body




Introducing a simple, 10 minute, body-weight workout routing which is guaranteed to get your heart rate going while providing you with a terrific full body workout!

  1. 25x Jumping jacks
  2. 15x In and out jump squats
  3. 10x Push-ups (knees on the floor if needed)
  4. 25x Squats
  5. 20x Mountain climbers with toe touches
  6. 50x High knee sprints (50 per side)
  7. 15x Close grip push-ups (knees on the floor if needed)
  8. 15x Lunges (15 per side)
  9. 10x Burpees

Perform the following circuit up to 3 times through, taking a 30-60 second rest between sets. As a challenge record how long it takes you to perform each set and try and beat it the next time.

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