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30.0 – 34.9Class I Obesity
35.0 – 39.9Class II Obesity
≥ 40.0  Class III Obesity  
Without Brenda's help I could never have lost 40lbs before my wedding.– Kevin D'Arcy


When it comes to In Home personal training you will be provided with a "full access pass" to your certified personal trainer. Having your trainer constantly available to you at all times will help guarantee you to stay focused on achieving your personal health and fitness goals. Whether you require an alternative meal option if you are on the go, or you have an exercise question. In Home personal training workouts are fun and unique and will definitely keep you motivated and challenged every time so you will not encounter fitness plateaus.


In Home Personal training can benefit everyone no matter what fitness level. While on a personal training program you are guaranteed to see your general health and fitness levels improve which will help you with your daily life activities. The goal is to increase strength, flexibility and endurance as well as develop lean body mass and of course encourage living a healthy lifestyle. As well as at the same time helping to decrease any possible health risks that could be a factor due to your family health history. In Home Personal training provides you with the proper exercise methods where weight loss and helping trim unwanted inches around those stubborn problem areas go hand and hand. Personal training isn’t just all about “working out”, it is about creating a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition which can be great for everyone.



Stride into fitness is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through FUN, FAST and EFFICIENT workouts through progressively challenging workout experiences.

All In Home personal training workouts are custom designed based upon a comprehensive evaluation which includes age, weight, and an exercise/health history. Once completed a personalized, and strategically timed exercise program will be constructed based around resistance training, aerobic conditioning, flexibility and balance techniques.

Stride into Fitness provides a safe and comfortable In Home personal training atmosphere for all clients, where you can choose to be trained in the comfort of your own home, condo, apartment, or even at a park of your choice. It is not just about changing your pant size but ultimately helping you to start living a lifestyle which you can maintain.



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