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Give your performance that extra boost?

Overcome your training plateaus?

Accelerate your training program for a big race or event?

Pass your upcoming pre-service (police, fire) fitness testing?

Improve your overall health and wellness?


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I hit a plateau and needed help. Brenda was able to work with my current fitness program and use her knowledge to accelerate me past my exercise plateau where I was able to lose that last 10lbs and give me the toned body I was looking for!– Kim P.


Whether you are training for a triathlon, sporting event or just getting into working out for the first time regardless of the reason, one key component is ensuring you have the proper training tools, nutritional guidance and recovery techniques for peak performance and the prevention of injury. Your customized strength and conditioning training routines are tailored around your current level of fitness and specific strength and conditioning goals. Trained only using proven techniques which will provide you with the most effective workouts in the quickest and safest way possible, helping you to excel in any of your strength and conditioning goals.


Strength and conditioning training is great for increasing your strength, flexibility, endurance, power, speed and agility. One very vital and important factor is that your strength and conditioning training program will focus on correcting any movement dysfunctions, strength imbalances, joint stabilization, as well as proper stretching techniques, which will improve your overall strength, mobility, and balance just to name a few. When it comes to being either a competitive athlete or just someone who is involved in recreational exercise and fitness, a proper strength  and conditioning training program is essential for obtaining optimal performance.



Stride Into Fitness is committed to helping you get to that next level of fitness. First, we will start by reviewing your previous sport specific conditioning routine. Followed by providing expert advice on how to improve your current level of performance with a personalized strength and conditioning training plan. These programs may include weights, flexibility, agility and  cardiovascular training as well as plyometrics. For those who are just starting to workout you will be provided all the professional tools and knowledge necessary in helping create a proper customized strength and conditioning training program for you where you can be confident that you are maximizing your fitness abilities and bringing you to the next level in fitness and beyond.